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Newman D. Howell

"Send for Paris!" exclaimed Lynn Whitfield as she starred in the role as the legendary Josephine Baker in The Josephine Baker Story. The request happened after she had just received a dowdy frock that she was supposed to wear for her performance the next day.  Paris fashion was the height of all sophistication and style which Josephine was eternally linked. Moments later, she appeared onstage shining in a satin, sapphire blue mermaid dress with contrasting pink underpinnings. She looked glorious as she performed, quickly enticing the audience when to their surprise, her back zipper broke! While nervous and flushed, Josephine danced to the music giving an impromptu striptease, exuding class, sensuality, and style, "A La Baker!" Needless to say, this was more than just a memorable moment to a young boy watching television.

Little girls see the Nutcracker and dream that one day they will grow up to be the Sugar Plum Fairy. Little boys see a home run and the dream to be the hero who scores the winning run, leading their team to glory. A dance is more than a dance, and a game is more than a game: these moments make an imprint which can never be repeated. Newman Howell was very fortunate to experience his turning point by watching The Josephine Baker Story and by being mesmerized by the glamour and style; fashion quickly became his wings with which to fly.  

The eldest of two, Newman D. Howell was born to an African-American mother and Japanese/African-American father in Berkeley, California. Growing up in the Bay Area offered him a unique sense of culture and diversity. However, it was his grandmother who exposed him to the world of Beaux Arts and fashion. Favorite pastimes included window shopping on Powell Street, cruising the Couture section at Nordstrom and seeing the glass dome at Neiman Marcus in San Francisco's Union Square. Being introduced and exposed to this ”finer life”  was pivotal to the formation of goals and work ethic in Newman.

Excelling in art during his childhood Newman took Summer Study Fashion Illustration/Design courses at the Academy of Art University. It wasn't too long after that he commenced his studies at The Fashion Institute of Technology (SUNY) in New York City. There, he was taught by some of the most charismatic, if not the best professionals in the fashion industry. After two years in NYC, he went on to complete his undergraduate studies with the abroad program at Polimoda, in Florence, Italy. Graduating in 2006 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in International Fashion Design, he went on to intern at various design companies to develop his head for fashion design and business...

After a hiatus from the fashion world Newman has returned to bring his essence of beauty and timeless elegance to women's fashion. Dubbed by Newman as The Resurgence of the Black Valentino, his goal is to create signature looks exuding unprecedented femininity, sensuality and style. Muses like Dita Von Teese, Lana Del Rey and Marion Cotillard bring cool, fun and sophisticated elements together for inspiration. To design with an aesthetic of embracing womanly curves and create with timeless feminine silhouettes, using sensuous fabrics with couture craftsmanship, Newman will invite you into a world of unabashed beauty and style.

Image Credits: Images in the Portfolio Gallery are a mix of images by Ulises Roman, Carley Bonchonsky, Chelsea Marie Maldonado.